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Waterproof Charts Company Releases Comprehensive Chesapeake Bay Charts

Nautical maps company, Waterproof Charts, has come out with highly detailed Chesapeake Bay Charts for boating and fishing.

<p class="normal">Punta Gorda, Florida based nautical maps company, Waterproof Charts, has released their highly anticipated Chesapeake Bay charts series. This series includes both a navigation chart for this popular area, as well as a detail-packed fishing chart. The company currently offers <strong>nautical maps</strong> for areas across the United States, as well as the Caribbean and the Bahamas. </p> <p class="normal">Maryland is currently home to over 200,000 registered boats, many of which likely frequent the Chesapeake Bay area. There are also over 12,500 wave runners in the area as well. These figures show just how popular this area is with boaters, not to mention others out on the water like fishermen, kayakers, divers, and more. <p class="normal">Waterproof Charts dedication to providing the highest quality <a href="http://www.waterproofcharts.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">nautical maps</a> doesn't just stop at including the most detail possible. Not only does the company go into the field to find out local fishing hotspots and secrets, they also gather information from multiple government sources. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration puts out nautical maps for almost every waterway in the United States. While these maps are useful, there are just so many separate ones to look at. Waterproof Charts utilizes multiple NOAA charts, so you know you are getting the most information available. The Chesapeake Bay Charts are no exception. Over 7 different NOAA charts were utilized to create this one in-depth chart for the area.</p> <p class="normal">While these nautical maps contain a great deal of information, they are also built to last. They are called Waterproof Charts for a reason. The company knows that customers will be putting these charts through their paces. Whether you are boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, jetskiing these nautical charts are durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant. No wimpy paper navigation chart here!</p> <p class="normal">Waterproof Charts is unique in their ability to offer custom framing for their charts. Any <strong>navigation map</strong> they offer can be framed in a number of beautiful solid wood frame choices. Framed charts are created by professionals, and ship within 2-3 weeks. Custom framed charts can be used to decorate homes and offices, or presented as gifts.</p> <p class="normal">Waterproof Charts is located in Punta Gorda, Florida. They create and sell original nautical charts for major waterways across the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Bahamas. Their chart offerings include standard navigation, large print, offshore fishing and diving, inshore fishing, lake fishing, and coastal fishing charts. </p><blockquote>“We see just how many people are out boating in this area and knew there would be high demand for Chesapeake Bay charts”, stated Waterproof Charts owner Shawn Bellestri. “We know there are other nautical maps out there, so we wanted to differentiate ourselves. We have spent countless hours talking in-depth with local boaters and fishermen to provide unique information that isn’t available on any other.” “These nautical maps are my go-to when out on the water”, says Chesapeake Bay boater, Tom Hendricks. “I have a GPS, but I find looking at the charts so much easier. I see the big picture and can quickly see where I need to go. The large text and vibrant color of these nautical maps makes them suitable for plotting and planning any type of journey. Even though these charts are packed full of information, there is no need to pull out the magnifying glass to see anything.” </blockquote><p>Contact information: 1-800-423-9026 <a href="mailto:info@waterproofcharts.com"><span style="color: #1155cc;">info@waterproofcharts.com</span></a> 320 Cross Street, Punta Gorda, FL 33950 USA

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